Tarot Tapestries

A tarot tapestry is a very versatile piece of décor that will spruce up your space for a very affordable price. Don’t limit its use to your walls and add it to your bedroom decor as a bedspread, to cover a sofa or as a tablecloth… the options are endless.

Also, tapestries are a great way to add a personal touch to any room, especially if you are renting or living in a college dorm room. They come in many sizes and lightweight fabrics, so you can easily install them using command strips and cover a full wall with them!

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Black & White Tarot Tapestries

A black and white tapestry is perfect for those looking for an elegant and minimalist look. See the latest selection:

moon tarot tapestry

The Moon Tapestry

lovers tarot tapestry

Lovers Tarot Tapestry

sun tarot tapestry

Sun Wall Tapestry

moon and sun tapestry

Moon and Sun Tapestry

devil tarot tapestry

The Devil Tarot Tapestry

hermit tarot tapestry

The Hermit Tapestry

empress tarot tapestry

The Empress Tapestry

star tapestry

Star Tapestry

Colorful Tarot Tapestries

Do you prefer to add some fun or an accent piece in your space? Then check out these colorful tarot tapestries!

death tarot tapestry

Death Tarot Card Tapestry

the fool tarot tapestry

The Fool Card Tapestry

death tapestry major arcana

The Death Tapestry

hermit tarot tapestry

The Hermit Card Tapestry

moon wall tapestry

The Moon Tarot Tapestry

the moon tapestry

The Moon & Hecate Tapestry

sun tarot tapestry

The Sun Card Tapestry

star wall tapestry

The Star Card Tapestry

Tarot Tapestry Bundles

Two (or three!) is always better than one. Save some money on your witchy décor by purchasing one of these bundles:

cheap tarot tapestry

Lovers, Sun, Moon and Star Tapestries

black tarot tapestry

Sun, Moon and Star Tapestry Bundle

tarot card tapestry

Star, Moon and Sun Tapestry Bundle

sun moon and stars tapestry

Star, Sun and Moon Tapestry Bundle

tarot card tapestry

Colourful Tarot Tapestry Bundle

tarot wall tapestry

Sun, Moon and Star Tapestries

star moon and sun tapestry

Tarot Tapestry Bundle

star moon and sun tarot tapestry

Small Star, Moon and Sun Tapestries

How to Care for your Tarot Tapestry?

Each tapestry will have a different composition, so it’s important that you check the manufacturer’s care instructions. But usually, they are made with polyester or natural fibres such as cotton or linen, so they are very easy to clean at home.

If a mishap happens, you can either wash them by hand or in your washing machine in most cases, using cold water and the delicates program. Iron it at a low temperature (especially if it’s made with polyester, we don’t want it to melt…) and it will be as good as new!

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